Iasta Executive Analytics Suite

As procurement’s role has increased in strategic importance, the amount of information needed to effectively manage the procurement function has also been elevated. Bringing the entire source-to-settle process into an executive framework requires both the flexibility and ease-of-use to interrelate information on sourcing, spend, contract and supplier information while integrating third party data.
Iasta SA and EAS Wave

Imagine owning a tool that gives you executive insights into all your procurement activities – all with just a few clicks of a button. Iasta Executive Analytics Suite (EAS) gives your management team the procurement intelligence it needs for self-discovery and collaboration:
  • Track sourcing project progress to procurement KPIs
  • Ensuring contract and supplier compliance
  • Ensuring contract and supplier compliance
  • Improve and balance resource workload
  • Better understanding and forecasting spend trends
  • Identify and anticipate supplier risk
  • Collaborate with outside stakeholders
Our customers lean on Iasta Executive Analytics Suite for multiple reasons. Here are few of the most common benefits:

Gain deeper insights into sourcing project management and productivity

As a procurement leader, it is critical to understand the frequency of sourcing events and the productivity of your sourcing team. Iasta EAS is designed to help you maximize the value of an eSourcing tool like Iasta Sourcing by tracking sourcing milestones, compiling rates of identified savings, and delivering general oversight into the calendar of sourcing projects your team is running. With deeper insights into sourcing activity, you can get a better handle on sourcing project management and identify areas ripe for driving more sourcing events.

Build more comprehensive supplier profiles for supplier and information management

Supplier management has become the cornerstone for sourcing and procurement. But getting a handle on who your suppliers are starts by having complete supplier profiles. Using Iasta EAS, gain access into the status of all your supplier profiles by bringing in supplier data from leading tools like Iasta Supplier Information Management (SIM) or third party information providers. Whether monitoring a supplier profile, researching supplier financial health, or looking to understand supplier geographies, EAS offers a holistic picture of your entire supply base by linking disparate data sets containing supplier information.

Drive supplier performance with enhanced scorecard access and visibility

Managing supplier performance is dramatically improved with better visibility to key performance indicators. It’s critical to understand a supplier’s ability to meet your performance criteria. By integrating data with Iasta Supplier Performance Management (SPM), EAS brings supplier scorecards and performance analysis to the executive level. EAS comes with custom supplier performance dashboards that help you assess supplier criticality and understand the downward trends that warrant further insights and actions. Whether you are interested in tracking the top performing supplier, or are worried about that bottom tier, EAS will be a critical tool for helping your efforts to improves supplier performance.

Improve contract performance with better contract analytics

Contract management today is no longer just a discussion focused around contract repositories, but on the ability to consolidate contract information and understand it in the context of wider spend and supplier trends. EAS is built with contract management dashboards that provide full details about contracts within the context of spend and supplier management. EAS delivers a birds-eye view of contract activity that offers procurement executives insight into understanding key metrics such as suppliers under contract, percent of spend under contract, and contract expiration timelines.

Drive regulatory and internal compliance for supplier management

Internal and regulatory compliance are critical factors for effectively managing procurement and supplier- focused initiatives. Much of this is based on ensuring supplier information has been properly collected and is up to date per industry or regulatory requirements. Ongoing collection of information requires constant oversight. This often entails the monitoring certificates or other required information for managing supplier on-boarding and all management requirements. Whether you are concerned about collecting insurance certifications, tax information or other industry specific documents (e.g. food safety), EAS provides custom dashboards that enhance a procurement executive’s view of supplier information for ensuring compliance and mitigating risk.

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