Technology Overview

Free yourself from cumbersome manual processes and indecision by focusing on your strategic sourcing and supplier management goals. With more than 15 years of delivering technology to leading companies globally, Iasta helps organizations like yours:
  • Promote the adoption of strategic sourcing and supply management
  • Generate savings from your sourcing, contract, supplier, and spend analysis efforts
  • Ensure compliance and avoid supply base risk with a heightened awareness
  • Gain new insights across the entire procurement ecosystem

Allow us to introduce our products that offer less hassle and more power – all wrapped around our leading support team.

Iasta Solutions Wave

Iasta SmartAnalytics

Drive innovative decision making and spur stakeholder collaboration with Iasta SmartAnalytics. Our spend analysis solution allows you to gain unique insights into how your organization spends. Easily identify new sourcing opportunities for improving spend management through best-in-class analytics. If you are looking for the next low-hanging fruit or looking to take advantage of tail-spend, use pre-built dynamic dashboards with a number of options of where to begin including:
  • Opportunity assessments
  • Item spend variance
  • Spend concentration/ pareto analysis
  • Spend by supplier category

Iasta SmartSource

Iasta SmartSource is comprised of advanced sourcing software platforms that gives your team the ability to deliver cost savings and bottom-line value.
  • Supplier Information Management Improve how you manage supplier information through improved supplier profile management and supplier self-registration.

  • Sourcing: Drive sourcing projects with improved RFx management. Create cost comparison scenarios with advanced allocation and limit constraints through optimization.

  • Contract Management: Search, track, report, and manage your vendor agreements. Pair your contract type templates with a custom clause library to author and negotiate buy-side contracts.

  • Supplier Performance Management: Create supplier scorecards with custom KPIs to monitor and track supplier performance.

Iasta Executive Analytics Suite

Getting the big picture is critical for executive leadership. Tie together all stakeholder efforts, unify KPIs, and track resources across the entire procurement organization with Iasta Executive Analytics Suite (EAS). Using the advanced capabilities of EAS, executives have the power to dig deeper into data analysis through self-discovery and click through capabilities. You can use custom dashboards built from internal systems and third party data. These dashboards help you understand trends in areas such as:
  • Diversity spend
  • Sourcing history
  • Supplier performance
  • Risk and compliance
  • Savings tracking
All of the above areas are essential for telling the story of what’s happening and anticipating what’s next.

Selectica Contract Management

Selectica Solutions
Selectica Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) provides dynamic, enterprise-wide control over all of your contracts. Far more than just a tactical contract creation tool, it enables stakeholders to collaborate through a process that offers complete transparency and ensures compliance. It lets everyone work together towards achieving strategic business goals—across departments, divisions, states and even countries. CLM lets you turn potential revenue leaks into revenue generators to help drive your business further.

Selectica helps companies sell complex deals with ease. Founded in 1996, Selectica is a proven leader in the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) industry. Built for managing the contract needs of the entire enterprise, Selectica Contract Management solutions focus on driving CLM as a competitive advantage.

From assisting in the consolidation of legacy contracts to advancing the requirements of contract compliance and risk management, Selectica goes far beyond addressing buy-side / sell-side requirements alone. By building bridge between C-Level executives, IT, legal, and the operational stakeholders, Selectica provides leading enterprises a newfound capabilities in contract management essential for ensuring compliance and delivering ROI throughout the entire contract lifecycle.

Selectica technology is also based on best-in-class system architecture for superior performance and ease of adoption. Developed on an easily configurable platform, Selectica provides the scalability and flexibility for improving contract management on a global scale.