Supplier Information Management

Supplier Information Management (SIM) serves as the cornerstone for an effective supplier management strategy by helping you cultivate and analyze the relationships you have with your vendors. Do you want easy access to all current and potential vendors? Do you want these vendors segmented and searchable by custom data filters; defined in perhaps different tiers globally? And instead of answering the phone to deal with potential vendors, letting them register with you by filling out custom information fields? You’ve come to the right place.

Within just a few clicks, your users can access any company and contact stored in the SIM database. You have access to any custom field you’ve had a supplier fill out in a profile that can be updated on a regularly scheduled basis. Save these searches and pull them up in an instant. To further aide sourcing professionals, SIM’s database of companies and users can be organized by creating custom classification structures that match the classifications of your sourcing events. So what does this mean? SIM makes it easier for you to manage supplier diversity, risk, certification compliance, green initiatives, etc. – whatever metric is most important to you and your industry.

So what of those eager potential vendors? Those suppliers will access a link available through invitation or a public Web site connected to one of your profiles. Through this custom link, suppliers submit information about their company, goods, and services. Once a supplier completes the self-registration profile, it can be reviewed by the buying organization for approval or rejection.