Are you a decentralized procurement team relying on Excel and manual emails to conduct your sourcing events and analyze supplier data? Or are you a centralized team that collaborates on sourcing strategy with a cross-functional group of category managers, but you’re stuck with limited Executive commitment and plateauing impact? Iasta SmartSource is built to help you succeed in both situations, and our commitment is to be your trusted partner along your journey to sourcing excellence as you continue to get more wins and gain more influence. So how does Iasta's SmartSource help you get there?

Iasta designed SmartSource to have a UI and navigation structure that is universally recognized and easy to learn. As a result, users can start building projects immediately after our deployment team is finished customizing your subdomain. Iasta built SmartSource from the ground-up, not through acquisition. Therefore, all features work well together and flow from one project phase through the next. Users never need to generate extra, cumbersome keystrokes in order to work with their project data. Easy to learn and create means easy to use and adopt into your process on a global basis.

You can capitalize on process improvements and increase the scalability of your sourcing team by leveraging the template library. Teams can create custom email messages, RFx and sourcing process templates based on commodities, teams or project type and store them in a centralized, permission-based repository. This easily accessible component provides a single repository for all documents regardless of type or format. Companies can organize all local or global documents, as well as ensure their freshness and ownership with version control functionality. Having templates across all sourcing platforms means quick project creation and progression, allowing your team to be nimble and responsive to market conditions and supplier relationships communicating for you.

Click on the video below for a quick tour of how to create RFx documents using Iasta SmartSource.

Iasta SmartSource delivers best-in-class RFx and survey functionality. This flexible sourcing engine enables you to communicate directly with your suppliers and internal stakeholders through a variety of event types: RFIs, RFQs, RFPs, and general questionnaires or agreements, both internal and external. The Survey engine can easily adapt to the complexity of any sourcing project, whether you want to run a highly complex, multi-round RFI that results in an auction or a simple online survey. Sound complicated? Think again. The editor makes it a breeze to drag and drop questions, change question types, create custom questions, and alter templates … if you’re allowed.

And to tie it all together, as you know, any organizational structure demands information regarding the status of its projects, the types of projects being run, and who is managing the projects. Iasta SmartSource gives you control over your valuable information by providing integrated functionality to manage reports, projects, documents, and users. Project Management improves collaboration between different stakeholders, suppliers, and places. It is closely integrated with bids and negotiation functionality so that buyers can organize projects, prioritize activities, assign tasks, create triggers, and monitor participation. Managing multi-stage sourcing projects and one-off RFIs becomes a hands-off task when you’re able to let the software do the scoring and communicating for you.