Iasta SmartAnalytics

Uncover the Hidden Potential Lying Within Your Data

Imagine having a tool that provided you with insight into your entire company’s spend and purchasing information. Even better? What if you have a solution that transformed basic data into wisdom necessary to make intelligent business decisions based on informed forecasts and pipeline metrics? You can with Iasta SmartAnalytics.

With Iasta SmartAnalytics, you will be able to:
  • Categorize all data elements — both supplier data and transactional data.
  • Develop custom reports on demand. Users do not need to wait for IT to develop reports or adjust existing reports.
  • Access multiple data sets, and Iasta can categorize them with a completely different set of classification structures. In fact, Iasta SmartAnalytics users can take advantage of customized classification structures. They are not limited to one standardized structure that may or may not reflect their organization’s needs.
  • Quickly change / update to reflect your company’s current organizational situation and analytical requirements.
  • Collaborate with decision makers to uncover insights and solve problems.

Enabling Your Team to Answer Critical Spend Management Questions

Iasta SmartAnalytics is specifically designed for sourcing professionals that need a solution to consolidate and analyze their spend data and quickly answer questions such as:
  • What is my largest spend category?
  • What is my direct spend?
  • Are the company division’s using contracted prices?
  • Has our company spend grown or diminished over time?
  • Can I dig deeper into tier-3 or tier-4 level of taxonomy detail?

Go Beyond Data Visibility with Iasta SmartAnalytics

Data visibility is only the basis of what Iasta SmartAnalytics provides you and your team. As you know, data in a silo is almost useless. Iasta SmartAnalytics gives you three key components to create an opportunity assessment.

1-Information is what we provide by cleansing & classifying spend and putting it in the same environment as other useful data, such as supplier enrichment feeds, supplier risk, price indexes, and even data from our Sourcing platform.

2-Knowledge is provided by this BI tool, allowing users to drill into spend & sourcing data to make associate discoveries. As a result, you have the information to make the right choices when determining a sourcing pipeline or other strategic initiative. Intelligence is what you get through these discoveries if we tie spend, sourcing, and 3rd party data all together in the same environment.

3-Wisdom is gained when you take what’s contained in Iasta SmartAnlaytics and create a strategic action plan:
  • Build a better pipeline
  • Improve the sourcing process
  • Improve load balancing
  • Improve forecasting
  • Define cost-savings targets

Collaborate with Decision Makers to Uncover New Insights and Solve Problems

Decision making is a collaborative activity, so why not use a dynamic platform that allows you to bring decision makers together? Gain insight and solve business problems faster and better with Iasta SmartAnalytics collaborative dashboard.

You can improve your current decision-making process by using this tool to:
  • Invite others to your collaborative session
  • Share reports and make notes on reports and line items
  • Ask and answer questions in real time
  • Request changes right in the tool and share those requests with the Iasta Analytics team
  • Share your screen with users, allowing them to make comments, highlight and analyze data
  • Establish a record of how decisions were made
With Iasta SmartAnalytics, you now have the data necessary to act as a baseline against which to evaluate any spend management initiative. If you have no baseline, how do you know whether you are succeeding or failing? Uncover the hidden potential lying within your data now.

To learn more about Iasta SmartAnalytics, download this overview or request a demo.