Iasta Executive Analytics Suite

Grow Your Sourcing Pipeline with Powerful Analytics

Do you have the solutions in place to grow your sourcing pipeline with projects that are aligned with your organization’s goals and growth initiatives?

With Iasta’s Executive Analytics Suite (EAS), you can gain visibility into your entire sourcing and spend management spectrum. Intelligence is gained in three main areas, reported in Iasta’s proprietary Business Intelligence tool:
  • Spend (Iasta SmartAnalytics)
  • Sourcing (Executive Analytics Suite)
  • Third-party Enrichment (Any other data feed)
The linkage of this knowledge in one place – a one-stop spend and strategic sourcing intelligence center – gives buyers and analysts the power to pull information that their managers and executives need to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, build a strategic sourcing pipeline, balance workload, gain market knowledge, benchmark, and forecast for future success while tracking progress to KPIs. Using EAS, you’ll have access to a single source of truth into the type of business intelligence your management team needs.

Within EAS in particular, the intelligence is pulled directly from the data generated by buyers and category managers in Iasta’s SmartSource, across four main areas: Having sourcing, contract, and supplier reporting at your fingertips makes Investigation and Interpretation possible through one-click discoveries and data associations. The knowledge gained makes for purposeful identification of KPIs and milestones wrapped around a strategic sourcing business plan. All that’s left is Implementation and the tracking of your initiatives, which can also be managed from your EAS cockpit – beginning a continuous loop of good business processes based on real-time information.

Ready to make an impact with sourcing intelligence? Take a crack at developing your Modern Sourcing strategy and enhancing your sourcing analytics and reporting structure. Simply download the Analytics Blueprint plan below to get started.

Collaborate with Decision Makers to Uncover New Insights and Solve Problems

Decision making is a collaborative activity, so why not use a dynamic platform that allows you to bring decision makers together? Gain insight and solve business problems faster and better with EAS collaborative dashboard.

You can improve your current decision-making process by using this tool to:
  • Invite others to your collaborative session
  • Share reports and make notes on reports and line items
  • Ask and answer questions in real time
  • Request changes right in the tool and share those requests with the Iasta Analytics team
  • Share your screen with users, allowing them to make comments, highlight and analyze data
  • Establish a record of how decisions were made
With EAS, you now have the ability to dig deeper into data analysis. Problem solving will be faster and easier than ever before. By sharing your screen with other stakeholders and taking notes in real time, you can create a meeting environment that uses the Iasta tool as the hub of intelligent decision making.

To learn more about Iasta Executive Analytics Suite, download this overview or request a demo.