Contract Management

Contract Management solves at least two main business problems faced by sourcing and purchasing teams:

  • Having a searchable repository of vendor contracts that is easily drillable and triggers on important dates and events
  • Finding that sweet stop in usability and utility – more sophisticated than manually tracking dates in Excel and storing contracts in a file, yet less cumbersome than software systems that require complex routing procedures and cause bottlenecks in your process

Contract Management will help you automate the tracking and organization of your contracts, enabling you to quickly manage the right contract at the right time. With a library of contract types at your disposal, your users can create contract records in minutes and store the physical contracts within those same records. Macro and micro triggers give you the flexibility to manage your database, and saved searches put the right contracts on your personal dashboard for easy management.

Using Contract Management, you will be able to:

  • Proactively manage Sarbanes-Oxley regulatory compliance issues
  • Gain visibility into all contracts across the entire organization
  • Accelerate collaboration and alignment across different people and places