Contract Authoring

Iasta's Contract Authoring takes our Contract Management functionality a step further by allowing your contract managers to leverage standardized agreements linked with each contract type to negotiate with vendors. Your contract types - and you can have as many as required – can be custom built one time for repeated use, or built on-demand by picking and choosing from your locked-down clause library. The information that populates your document depends on the contract type you choose when requesting a contract, the information fields you complete in the creation wizard, and any language rules you set up based on variations.

And with one extra step from the basic Contract Management setup, you've created a contract document that you can send to your vendor for red-lines. Track all variations, accept and reject changes, and finalize your agreement all within our software, leveraging the power of Microsoft Word. Because face it, all your users know and love Word. No reason to learn anything new here.

Contract Authoring gives your team – whether you are Sourcing or Legal – the power to quickly create contract agreements, speeding the time to negotiation and completion. What's more, you're performing this work in the same environment in which you run your sourcing events and manage your suppliers, so you have all of your source to contract information in one place. Learn more here about how we can turn this information into intelligence with Iasta Executive Analytics.