Where does your organization fall in the procurement maturity spectrum? That could be directly tied to where you fall as an individual and a procurement division within your own organization. Iasta's solutions can turn you into a purchasing hero, whether you're currently in a reactionary position as a buyer or perhaps have experience with strategic sourcing software and cross-functional collaboration with procurement having a respected seat at the table.

Iasta's goal is to become engrained into your procurement culture by turning intelligence into wisdom through our implementation efforts. This occurs when we show clients that it's not about what you did, but what you'll do next. The future is forecasting, benchmarking, and tracking based on past and current data, but the mission remains the same: reducing friction in the sourcing process and helping you make better business decisions – to be proactive rather than reactive. Find out how here.

Iasta SmartAnalytics

Iasta SmartAnalytics enables you to solve the following business problems common to the procurement team:
  • Data visibility
  • Consolidated information among disparate systems, teams, business units, etc.
  • Making old data actionable
  • Building strategic sourcing waves
  • Minimizing supplier risk
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Global collaboration & knowledge about organizational spend
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Iasta SmartSource

Iasta SmartSource is comprised of advanced sourcing software platforms that give your team the agility to deliver cost savings and bottom-line value.
  • Supplier Information Management: The ability to manage supplier profiles – through both self-registration for potential vendors and custom profiles for existing vendors.
  • Sourcing: RFx / Auction / Surveys / Template Library / Project Management.
  • Decision Optimization: Allocation & Limit Constraints to create cost comparison scenarios when paired with supplier and/or lot & item attributes and non-price factors. Advanced Optimization includes additional constraint types such as Exclusion, Qualitative, and Discount, as well as freight bracket distribution.
  • Contract Authoring: Pair your contract type templates with a custom clause library to author buy-side contracts that you can negotiate within Iasta SmartSource by leveraging the power of Word.
  • Contract Management: Use a library of contract types to create contract records in a repository that allows you to manage, search, track and report on your vendor agreements.
  • Supplier Performance Management: Create supplier scorecards consisting of custom KPIs to monitor and track supplier performance over set periods of time.
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Iasta Executive Analytics Suite

What if you had one place to go to create reports from every data source of importance to you, your team, your executives, and the organization at large? One place that allowed for strategic collaboration and decision-making? One place where global executives & stakeholders could see cross-organizational spend data, sourcing data, contract data, supplier management data, risk data, enrichment data – not to mention any third-party data feeds of importance, such as price indexes, financial details, and other benchmarks?

With Iasta's Executive Analytics Suite, you do. Yes, this is Sourcing intelligence. And spend intelligence. But what's more, it's Business Intelligence, specific to YOUR business.

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