Iasta will help you extend the reach and impact of your sourcing team so they can achieve their goals faster and better using our staff, our software, and your knowledge.

Collaborative Sourcing Projects

Do you need someone to help with tactical execution or strategic project planning?

Do you wish you had a helping hand to run a few extra reverse auctions or analyze award scenarios, but don’t have the budget to hire more talent?

Are you new to Iasta SmartSource and need someone to guide you through best practices?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Iasta's Collaborative Sourcing Projects are your solution.

Your team works in tandem with our sourcing experts to achieve the desired results. The required work from you in the Collaborative Sourcing Project is dependent on the scope of the project. After submitting your data and project ideas, our team will do the repetitive, tactical work or provide more strategic services for a complex project.

Which Collaborative Sourcing Project is the right fit for your organization?

Because every customer has different goals, needs, and levels of experience with our software, Iasta has developed three Collaborative Sourcing Projects: Build, Guide, and Manage.
The Build Project
  You will benefit from a build project if:
  • You are a current Iasta customer
  • You are familiar with Iasta's software
  • You prefer to offload tactical project set-up
  • You have limited resources and / or time constraints
The Guide Project
  You will benefit from a guide project if:
  • You are a current Iasta customer
  • You are unsure in managing a project using Iasta's software
  • You prefer to be hands-on with the project, but want project support and guidance when needed
The Manage Project
  You will benefit from a manage project if:
  • You are a current Iasta customer
  • You have resource constraints
  • You have high visibility projects
  • You have time constraints
We always encourage our clients to consider the top projects that would influence their strategic goals and needs.

Collaborative Sourcing Project opportunities may include:
  • Project planning and strategy
  • Project development and management
  • Event development
  • Optimization and award analysis management
  • Post-event reporting
No project is too big or too small, too complex or too simple.

If you want to learn more about Iasta’s Collaborative Sourcing Projects, download this short overview, email, or schedule a call with us to share your business challenges.

Iasta Acceleration Center

Iasta helps you and your team expand your spend management influence by interweaving best-in-class strategic sourcing services from the Iasta Acceleration Center with your licensed Iasta SmartSource and Iasta SmartAnalytics software. The powerful combination of software, services, and support enables you to achieve sourcing excellence.

Gain Strategic Sourcing Expertise to Advance Your Strategy
Iasta Acceleration Center operates through a proprietary service delivery model. Our shared services organizational model lets you maintain project ownership, strategic planning, and decision making. Our services teams does the heavy lifting by helping with the tactical execution, research and analysis, and detailed reporting.

Accelerate Your Results with Iasta’s Sourcing Experts
The mission of the Iasta Acceleration Center is to help you improve your organization’s bottom line performance with proven procurement strategies and processes. A dedicated Iasta team member can empower your team through activities like these outlined below:
  • Spend Analysis
  • Category Management
  • Sourcing Execution
  • Sourcing Training
  • Sourcing Intelligence
  • Supplier Management
  • Contract Management
  • Decision Optimization
  • Custom Business Intelligence Reporting

Value Delivered to Your Team:
  • Increased spend under management.
  • Ability to offload simple, repetitive-based activities so Category Managers can focus on more strategic decisions.
  • On-demand access to versatile and expert sourcing resources.
  • Achieved end-to-end documentation, workflows and audit trails.
Risks Mitigated for Your Team:
  • Avoided loss of savings due to sourcing resource constraints.
  • Reduced governance and compliance risk associated with the sourcing process.
  • Diminished impairment due to unforeseen supplier failures.
  • Reduced financial risk due to unmanaged supplier contract renewals.