eSourcing Handbook

  • Michael Lamoureux, Ph.D.
  • David Bush, B.Sc.
  • Eric Strovink, M.Sc.
  • Melissa Beuc, MBA
  • Agatha Degasperi, M.E.P.
Brief Description

The eSourcing Handbook is a modern guide to Supply and Spend Management excellence that can help answer many of your most urgent sourcing questions. The handbook applies and expands on strategic sourcing technology and industry best practices. Upon reading the eSourcing Handbook, you will understand the full spectrum of the eSourcing lifecycle and where to apply these technologies for maximum benefit.

The concepts of the eSourcing Handbook were built on the success and articles from Iasta’s eSourcing Wiki, eSourcing Forum and other sourcing innovation blogs. The authors hope this groundbreaking effort of combining informative wiki articles with blog postings will give you a better understanding of eSourcing. Furthermore, the handbook will help you take your supply and spend management efforts to the next level.

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