Success Stories

Customer success is at the heart of Iasta’s business objectives. At Iasta, we understand the importance of partnering with you to craft your goals and drive adoption of our software across your entire organization. Read our customer success stories to learn how you can empower sourcing excellence and become a purchasing hero with Iasta.
University of Pennsylvania
  "I've used a number of well-known sourcing platforms in the industry prior to joining Penn. Iasta SmartSource is the most user and supplier-friendly eSourcing tool I've leveraged for my competitive bidding needs."
-University of Pennsylvania
Home Retail Group
  "Home Retail Group's use of Iasta SmartSource has provided greater transparency within the procurement process. With the eSourcing team often being the only point of contact during the online phase of sourcing projects, Iasta SmartSource creates a fair and equal process, consistency of message, project policy flow, and ensures all suppliers have access to the same information."
-Home Retail Group
Brunswick Logo
  "Based on the detailed $600 million newly visible data and opportunity analysis, more than $6 million has been identified as potential cost saving projects for 2014..."
-Brunswick Corporation
Cushman & Wakefield
  "The process improvements we’ve put in place allow sourcing and facilities management to quickly identify benefits for our clients. A true professional collaboration..."
-Cushman & Wakefield
  "We are always talking about how procurement should have a wider impact. Establishing diversity targets with Iasta's technology helps Endo ensure compliance with Veterans Affairs, but it also takes us beyond contracts and finance and into effectively managing corporate social responsibility..."
  "By December 2012, Procurement ended up paying for ourselves 70 times! In 2009, AOL separated from Time Warner leaving AOL’s Procurement team with no visibility into the company’s spend, no workflow, manual processes and approvals, and long cycle times. After AOL partnered with Iasta in 2010..."
  "With this acquisition came the pressure to identify savings and synergy opportunities as quickly as possible. Shortly after a merger, Ciena realized the need for a sufficient spend analytics solution. A few challenges included..."
  "Before Cricket Wireless implemented Iasta Savings Tracker, I would spend hours analyzing data in a spreadsheet and constantly reminded my team to upload their updates in a timely manner. Now, I get back ninety percent of my time and only spend ten percent analyzing data..."
  "Procurement can serve as the catalyst for positive change when the focus is centered on shareholder value. Between 2005 and 2009, OfficeMax was experiencing declining revenues by more than 20 percent. The procurement team was mandated to transform into a global procurement function..."
VF Corporation
  "I started by going after low-hanging fruit. I analyzed indirect spend category reports in Iasta SmartAnalytics to determine where I could make the biggest difference in the least amount of time..."
-VF Corporation
FirstGroup Logo
  "We were looking for an easy-to-use software tool supported by an experienced eSourcing team to help us build a tailored solution. Iasta understood the issues and problems faced by FirstGroup..."
-FirstGroup plc
  "The contract management software provides us and our credit union partners with a robust tool that enables us to better manage vendor agreements. In addition to offering easy storage..."
- Director of ePurchasing, LEVERAGE
  "The sourcing team was given the challenge to quickly run some sourcing events and train a new team member. Iasta understood the issues and problems faced by Michaels Stores and..."
-Michaels Stores
  "Prior to using Iasta SmartAnalytics, we had information that was available, but it was difficult to gather through our two ERP systems. By the time you got the information, it was often obsolete. By utilizing Iasta SmartAnalytics to gain crucial spend visibility, procurement has become the main source for spend data in our company. When various people across the company need spend information, we can obtain and analyze this data using Iasta SmartAnalytics..."